How to Stop Your Period Early

Most women wish there could be ways to stop or shorten their periods because of the inconveniences caused by periods especially if you had planned to travel, participate in sports or even have sex with your partner. Majority of women wish their periods would never occur due to unpleasantness associated with them such as cramping, frequent headaches and back discomfort. Are you a victim of periods? Here are some simple methods that can help you stop or shorten periods.

Drink a lot of water. Water helps shorten the periods as they flush things in the body faster hence lightening the flow. If you are taking exercises, make sure you take six to eight glasses of water.
Exercise frequently. Working out frequently, when you have periods and when you don’t have, not only helps you to be physically fit but also helps to stop menstrual period. Statistics shows that physically fit women experience shorter and lighter periods while overweight women experience longer and heavier periods.
Healthy eating. Taking a balanced diet during menstrual periods should be the first priority. The diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables since they make your period light. Researchers have found that green beans stops period and sucking lemon stops period temporarily.

Drink vinegar. Mix two tea spoons of vinegar in a glass of water and drink this solution three times a day for better results. This will help stop or shorten menstrual period.
Drink gelatin. Drinking gelatin reduces periods by three hours. What you need to do is to mix water with a packet of gelatin and drink the solution quickly.

Use menstrual cups. What are menstrual cups? What are their functions? These are cups placed through the vagina and placed at the cervix. They don’t stop menstrual periods but they collect the flow. Therefore, they prevent the flow from coming out of the vagina. These cups can be used for twelve hours and more so, they can be reused although it is advisable to use fresh cups each and every time. Merits of using this method is that; it does not result into hormonal side effects. Once you have used this method, you are free to travel, swim and even have sex freely. Be warned; this cups don’t prevent pregnancy.

Have sex with your partner. Orgasm contractions pushes the fluid outside hence reducing menstrual period. This activity could be messy at first. Hence, you need to lay a towel below or have sex at the shower to reduce arising mess.

Use contraceptives. This is another way to stop periods from occurring. They should be prescribed by a doctor to avoid under or overdosing. Oral contraceptives are the simplest methods to stop

Periods. Regular intake of contraceptives stops menstruation from taking place but once you stop, the cycle returns. Unfortunately, prolonged intake of these contraceptives leads to hormonal and physical side effects such as frequent headaches, hormonal imbalance and cardiovascular disease.

Medications. These are medicines that reduces heavy bleeding experienced by women. They should be taken some days before menstruation day. Provided the medicine is used, periods don’t occur and once you stop taking them, the menstrual cycle begins the very next day.

Some methods prove best for your friends and not you, implying that not all women are similar. Hence, consider the best option for you to meet your needs and stop your periods early.